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Feeling stuffy this spring?


Feeling stuffy this spring?

It is the time of the year when the weather is getting warmer. The trees and flowers are blooming, but pollen-loaded plants are a nightmare for many New Zealanders. Unfortunately, these people have an unusual reaction to allergens like pollen, which would normally be a harmlessly-inhaled substance.

For many, these unusual reactions start when they are children, most often developing before the age of 10 years. The exception to this may be pregnancy where women often become more sensitive to their environment. Signs of sensitivity may be irritation in your eyes and nose and the frequent need for tissues.

All of this is due to an immune system imbalance, where your immune system gets confused and starts to react to normal things in your environment. When an environmental substance, like pollen, is inhaled and comes into contact with the walls of your nasal passages, your body sees it as a foreign body.

When looking for support in this area, it is often difficult to find solutions that are suitable for children, women who are pregnant and breastfeeding, and those taking medications.

This is where Clinicians AllerStop comes in. This unique, fast-acting, chewable tablet works within 15 minutes. The tablets come in a handy foil pack, which makes them easy to pop in your bag in case of sudden allergen issues.

AllerStop is a one-of-a kind, natural solution providing immediate support, but how does it work? Containing only one active ingredient, AllerStop’s secret to success is a special ovomucoid protein from quail eggs. Quail eggs are notably smaller than duck and chicken eggs, but have a nutritional value four times higher than the latter and present superior protein quality.

The ancient Chinese were among the first to discover the health benefits of quail eggs, but centuries later in the early 1970s, a French doctor observed that farmers raising a particular species of Japanese quail seemed to have better tolerance to allergens.

Since then, a more scientific approach has been taken with several supporting studies to create AllerStop. Studies show the quail proteins provide support by coming between the offending allergen and your nasal linings, so they don’t provoke your immune system.

Since AllerStop is such a natural product, it is suitable for children three years and older, and for long-term use for people who react to environmental substances like dust, pets, and mould all year round. So, if you are looking for a well-tolerated product for all the family as spring and summer arrive, try Clinicians AllerStop.

Did you know? AllerStop contains quail egg powder which comes between irritants before they affect your nasal tissues.

Always read the label and take as directed. If symptoms persist, consult your healthcare professional. Douglas Pharmaceuticals Limited, Auckland.

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