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The balance between good and bad

By Ben Smyth The festive season now seems to have extended from late November with work parties, catching up with friends, kids’ school and extracurricular events all happening earlier to fit in before Christmas! Then it extends until the end of January with school holidays and time off work.

Where you may have been really good before with your diet, you may tend to relax your attitude to certain foods and increase your overall food intake over Christmas and New Year, and justify it as, “Hey, it’s Christmas!”

For a small amount of time, you can usually cope with feeling full all the time and putting up with the odd digestive issue, but six to eight weeks of poor eating might kick start indigestion, reflux, bloating, and just not feeling well in general.

This has become the new norm. It’s not easy to be strict with your diet at this time!

During the festive season, you may need extra digestive support to assist for when you overeat or overindulge in foods that don’t regularly agree with you. Taking a broad-spectrum, high-dose probiotic on a daily basis can help to repopulate beneficial flora, as your gut flora may be disrupted with an increased intake of rich, processed foods.

Lighthouse Probiotic 75 Billion contains 12 well-researched strains of beneficial bacteria that help restore and maintain a healthy gut flora balance to support digestive and immune health.

This high-dose formula contains colony forming units which are active, live organisms capable of living under the proper circumstances and forming beneficial colonies, contained within a delayed-release vege capsule that is resistant to the acidic environment found in your stomach and small intestine.

Delayed-release vege capsules help provide efficient delivery of the probiotics within your intestinal tract to their target area, keeping the capsule intact for longer.

  • Be a little more prepared so you choose carefully from what’s on offer.
  • Eat before you go to an event so you are not as tempted.
  • Mentally set some limits – treat yourself, but be accountable for your choices and allow a balance of treats and healthy choices.


Always read the label and take as directed. If symptoms persist, consult your healthcare professional. Lighthouse Health Distributors Limited, Hamilton.

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